About us

The non-profit association and artist agency for musicians in Sweden.

MCV (Musikcentrum Väst) is a non-profit association and artist agency for professional, independent artists working in Sweden. We offer free mediation of artist programs with high musical, artistic and scenic content. MCV’s office is situated in Göteborg on the west-coast of Sweden. Our members are based in Sweden but work all over the world.

The main objectives of MCV are:

  • To mediate our artists free of charge
  • To mediate our artists free of charge
  • To promote a diversified, artistic and vibrant music scene.
  • To protect the interests of the artists.
  • To strengthen the role of live music within society.
  • To initiate and participate in projects that serve to strengthen the music scene.

MCV is one of three members of the National organisation, Musikcentrum Riks. We receive operating grant support from Statens Kulturråd (Swedish Arts Council) and Västra Götalandsregionen.

Our range

MCV is one of Sweden’s largest artist agencies. Our range includes about 300 artist programs, including many of Sweden’s most well-known musicians and composers within a wide variety of genres. Everything from folk- and world music to jazz, from rock, pop to variety, and even music for children and youngsters. Our musicians are all high-quality professionals. Being a member of MCV is synonymous with quality. You can find our range on our website www.mcv.se

Booking artists

MCV is a professional, speedy and responsive organization that quickly and simply establishes contact between the organizers and performers. We have extensive knowledge of the music industry and experience of collaboration with many different types of organizers.

On our website you can find information, photos, sound clips, and contact details for all of our artists. There you can search for and book artists yourself, while at the same time you can contact us via telephone or mail in order to get personal advice or an exchange of ideas. All consultation and mediation is free of charge.

Collaborate with us

MCV enjoys regularly collaborating with promoters of both large and small projects. Whether you are a promoter, a producer or a booking agent, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. We are interested in all kinds of collaboration and cooperation in which music plays a central role.