Sångensemblen Amanda

Choir ensemble that has pushed the limits, with many successful stage performances.

We dare to make a promise: You will be moved, stirred, even shaken. Musical experiences are mixed with thoughtful monologues. Or dialogues. Myths, stories, tales and poems from near and far create substance and is conveyed with voices, music and rhythm. Everything accompanied by light, movement, props, costume...

Amanda Vocal Ensemble is something as unique as a group of rock and pop singers, folk musicians, classicaly trained musicians and actors, all thrown together in a creative environment. That´s why our performances are different from most entertainment you´ll come across . We do not work as a traditional choir, not like an orchestra, not like a dance or theatre company. Rather, we move quite freely between these artistic expressions. A large part of our material is created by the members, but we also include well known pieces and songs that we interpret in our own way. This means surprising arrangements and a final result that might be very different from what the originator had in mind. All for the sake of musicality, drama, and last but not least – humour!
We are a group of about 30 members, used to working in different constellations, big and small. Whatever event, concert or tour you are planning, do contact us and let us suggest the best solution.

Group members

Johan Rask
Åse Thorsén
Daniel Dohber
Maja Berndes
Stefan Malmeström
Elin Andersson
Melinda Mangs
Sanna Källman
Åsa Johansson
Fredrik Lindgren
Jonathan Kara
Andressa Queiroz
Martin Holmgren
Henrik Bergström
Kristin Ladström
Madeleine Stenmark
Sebastian Olsson
Per Wiklund
Angelina Mangs
Jan Brunnström
Annika Olsson
Lars-Magnus Österberg
Maja Lindgren
Lotta Lindgren
Magnus Markling
Karin Marmander
Johan Hogenäs
Carina Borgström
Robin Johansson
Anci Hjulström
Staffan Löwenadler