Among Lynx

With roots deeply engrained in soul and folk a gang of rock musicians has found their home.

“Among Lynx” experiments with rock and American folk in a way that takes the listener on a journey through the manifestation of many different roots styles into one. Between western back-roads and the dirty alleyways of cities “Among Lynx” makes a huge step, sending waves through the otherwise homogeneous and generic sea of “roots.” When guitarist Moa Brandt, doublebass player Tove Brandt and harmonica player Elin Öberg from the former blues trio “Someone You Admire” met singer Evami Ringqvist from the hard rock band “Thundermother” the musical project “Among Lynx” was formed, giving birth to the idea of raw execution in a swinging and exciting new band. The sound of electric/acoustic slide guitar, vocals, percussion, blues harmonica and contra bass will not leave you unaffected, that’s for sure. From now on the band will be adding drums, mostly played by Lina Anderberg.