Anders Hagberg Melodic Melange

An expressive encounter between Scandinavia and the Orient - Meditative, melodic, evocative!

An expressive encounter between Scandinavia and the Orient - Meditative, melodic, evocative!
Anders Hagberg is a unique soloist and improviser on a variety of flutes and soprano saxophone. In Melodic Melange he joins some of his favorite musicians from various collaborations; oud virtuoso Ahmad al Khatib, the percussion phenomenon Lisbeth Diers and the double bassist and producer Johannes Lundberg.
The group's close and dynamic interplay and richly varied sound have made them a much sought after live band and they have toured in India, the Baltics, South Korea and Scandinavia.
In the project Connecting Worlds, the musicians have collaborated with artists from India, Japan and the Middle East, i.e. Karin Nakagawa (koto), Fazal Qureshi, Suranjana Ghosh (tabla), Sabir Khan (sarangi), Jila Mossaed (poetry) and others.
They have also collaborated with strings from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

“Magical Melange” (Times of India)
“An expressive world of sound where virtuosos meet on equal terms” (UNT)

“Amazing sounds, brilliant musicians” (Lira)

AHMAD AL-KHATIB (Palestine) - oud, ii trained in the classic Arabic music, maqam. He is a sought-after musician and educator and touring over large parts of the world, especially in France and the Middle East. He has performed with musicians as guitarist John Williams and was recently nominated to Aga Khan Music Award.
JOHANNES LUNDBERG (SE), double bass, is a musician, producer and sound engineer in demand who has worked with eg. Billy Cobham and several ECM productions. Touring internationally with chamber ensemble Baroque soloists from Norway.
LISBETH DIERS (Denmark), percussion, has for many years been among the great names on the European jazz scene. She has played with Django Bates, Steve Swallow, Bobo Stenson, Lena Willemark and others. She has made several records and productions of her own, the latest for Gothenburg Chamber Choir and instrumentalists. She is now touring with Marilyn Mazurs Shamania.
ANDERS HAGBERG has been touring worldwide with his own groups and as a soloist with Yggdrasil, Mynta and New Jungle Orchestra as well as musicians like Marilyn Mazur, John Tchicai, Anders Jormin and many others. His international collaborations include artists from India, Japan, Brazil, West Africa, Middle East and the US.
He has composed music for films and dance performances and made many albums in his own name, which have received grammy nominations and prizes. He is a Professor of Musical Performance/Improvisation at the University of Gothenburg, Academy of Music & Drama.

Group members

Anders Hagberg: flute, alto & bass flutes, soprano sax
Ahmad al Khatib: oud
Johannes Lundberg: double bass, voice
Lisbeth Diers: percussion, voice