Anders von Hofsten

Soul with afro- and brasilian groove and focus on the vocals

Anders von Hofsten (aka Hofstone) is already a veteran within the swedish soul, jazz, pop and world music genre, as a singer, pianist, producer and song writer. Leading the Malmö based 10-piece soulband The Family Tree, he toured throughout Scandinavia, releasing the album ”Rouse!” which contained the hit ”Together”. The band was known as a swing machine and invaded the clubs and festivals with their eclectic mix of funk,jazz, soul and hip hop.

Anders has toured as backing singer and keyboardist with artists like Ashoo, Hada Raina, Robyn, Jennifer Brown, Cajsalisa, Amanda Jenssen. He has produced and written for Kaah and others, and is one of the most aftersought session singers in Sweden, having lent his voice to hundreds and hundreds of demos and album recordings. Among the artists are Christian Walz, Samantha Mumba, Solomon, and not at least the stars from the legendary Cheiron studio, where Anders worked during a number of years: Britney Spears, Westlife, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync to mention a few.

Anders runs the record label Soul Dog Records, where he released an album, ”Bottom Of A Heart” under the name Hofstone, and two albums with brazilian singer Simone Moreno, with whom he also tours as band leader and keyboard player. The song ”Vem pra Bahia (Vi drar till Malmö)”, featuring rapper Timbuktu and which he co-wrote, was a hit on swedish radio, and Moreno’s second album ”Planetas” was released in 2011, receiving rave reviews and winning the presigious Manifest Prize in 2012. In 2006, Moreno participated in the swedish Eurovision Contest with the song ”Aiayeh (the
Music Of The Samba)”, co-written by Anders, and with both of them on stage.
Hofstone has also done guest appearances on various songs, such as ”Sommarängel” (Emrik),
”Wu Girls” (Shy) and ”Around the world” (Latin the Mood).

Anders is spending a lot of time in his studio (Soul Dog Studio) home in Stockholm,
producing, writing and recording various projects, and most recently finishing his new solo
album, due to be released in the beginning of 2015.
He also finds time to teach singing and piano two times a week, and leads workshops in Music Schools and Conservatories, passing on the flame of music to coming generations!


Group members

Anders von Hofsten: sång, piano
Ola Bothzén: slagverk
Olle Linder: 8-strängad gitarr
Per Ekdahl: slagverk