Andra Generationen

Hot and cookin' Balkan music like in the films of Kusturica ...but with Swedish subtitles

This charismatic band really represents contemporary Balkan music in Scandinavia.

ANDRA GENERATIONEN (which means “The Second Generation) was started by sons of Macedonian immigrants in a Gothenburg suburb in 1988. First they were mainly playing at Macedonian weddings but they have through the years won the hearts of a broad Swedish audience, both immigrants and native Swedes.

All over Scandinavia – on clubs, festivals and in fact, still weddings – people are sweating, dancing, crying, laughing and falling in love to Andra Generationen’s doubtless groove, to their irresistible show – with the bandmembers running all over the concert halls intensely playing their instruments – and to the wonderful madness of full-strength Balkan power. Their music, with Swedish lyrics, creates a bridge between different ethnic groups and also between the typical world music crowd and the “general audience” of all ages.

Their lyrics are down-to-earth texts about everyday life, but the music is traditional. The music of Macedonia forms the base of Andra Generationen’s music, mixed with Bulgarian, Serbian, Romani, Greek, Turkish and Scandinavian music.

This six piece band's line up includes vocals, saxophones, accordion, synthesizer, guitar and bass and drums. Sometimes they also play unplugged, using instruments like zurla, flute, tarabuka and other percussion. They have often performed live on Swedish national radio and TV, and have released two CD’s, “Kärlekens Land” in 2004 and “Extra Allt” in 2008.

This music knows no borders!

Group members

Vlatko Ancevski: accordion, synth, vocals
Vlatko Gicarevski: bass, vocals
Mats Nilsson: saxophone, flute, vocals
Teddy Paunkoski: guitar, vocals
Stevan Tomulevski: drums
Otis Sandsjö: alto saxophone