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Anna Lundqvist Quintet

A Swedish jazz vocalist with a mission to challenge the traditions, rules and standards in vocal jazz.

Hannah Tolf

Esoteric, expressive and beautiful songs.


Music without borders, filled with sensitivity and warmth.

Anders Hagberg

“Anders Hagberg creates a unique world of sound. From quiet wonder to expressive, explosive exuberance.”

Mikael Godée-Eve Beuvens Quartet

Dynamic and innovative compositions.

Cats and Dinosaurs

"The worlds most radical swingband"

Klabbes bank

Jazz that dares to linger in frontiers of sound and atmosphere, without losing its improvisational edge

Karin Johansson / Finn Loxbo duo

Improvisations in changing sound environments, music in the spaces between

Gustav Lundgren Trio

A beautiful mix of rhythms and genres from around the world, all with the characteristic sound of the gypsy guitar.