Axel Falk

Praised ballad singer of the Swedish tradition, performing the songs of Taube, Sjöberg.

Axel Falk made his debut as a professional balladsinger in 1981.
He has a diploma in music from the Academy of Music in Gothenburg where he studied for four years, mainly for Professor Gunnar Forshufvud.
Between 1984-1985 Falk was studying Elizabethanian songtradition in both England and in Sweden.
During the years of 1984-1992 Axel Falk studied for the Royal Court singer Hjördis Schymberg.
Axel Falk has made hundreds of concerts, a lot of radioprograms and visited many tv-shows in Scandinavia as well as in Finland. He has made 6 records, singing Birger Sjöberg, Carl Michael Bellman, Evert Taube and folksongs.
In 1992 Axel Falk received an award from the Evert Taube foundation. The motivation was: “For his profound and wide interpretation of swedish ballades, which place him among the absolutely best balladsingers.”

Group members

Axel Falk: vocals, guitar

Collaborates frequently with guitarist Bengt Magnusson.