Beches Brew

Country&Eastern Music. The music itself decides the direction.

Finally Bengt Berger has managed to get a band together that conveys all his charateristics as composer, musician and band leader: The modal, the ethnic, the melodies, rhythms, the oldfashioned, avante garde, odd meters, humour and seriousness, chastity and sex, childishness, wisdom and senility, in a word: Beches Brew.

Music, like most things, is not a question of style but of individuality and personal connection. You don’t want to listen to "jazz”, you want to hear John Coltrane. You don’t want to listen to ”classical music”, you want to hear Stravinsky. Not ”indian” but T.R. Mahalingam; Not ”operetta” but Offenbach. Not ”musical”....
Not any contemporary group, you want to hear Beches Brew, Probably the Best Band in the World!

This music is not done out of any expectations, own or anyone else’s. So here we have music that only can be labeled as ”Country & Eastern” or ”Other Music”. The music itself decides the direction. Ten minute pieces are followed by themes of less than a minute, a lullabye by free form, afro by slapstick, long modal hypnotics by narrative or poetic texts by Niklas Rådström or Torkel Rasmusson.

And the fabulous musicians: "For many years I’ve had the great privilege of having my music interpreted and evolved in the company of Thomas Gustafsson, Jonas Knutsson and Mats Öberg, who countinue to surprise me. Great friends, brilliant musicians and wonderful human beings. Max Schultz, new to my music, just slides in and lifts it all on his shoulders, accepting my whims by playing banjo, bass or sing, apart from his wonderful guitar playing; and Lindha Kallerdahl treats melody and lyrics with utmost care one moment only to spoil all plans and preconcieved notions about how the music should evolve in the next. Add to that the wonderful cooperation and the meticulous care and imagination of the musical, sensitive Sigge Krantz, the ideal producer/sound engineer/friend."

The West Coast edition of the band (based in Göteborg) has except for Thomas Gustafsson and Bengt Berger the new favourite bass player Stefan Bellnäs, the great Göran Klinghagen on guitar and the spectacular saxophone and singing of Sir Thomas Jäderlund! Often with guests.

We are eagerly waiting to make music for you!

Group members

Under våren 2018 spelade vi varje lördagseftermiddag på Studio HPKSM och under hösten och 2019 kommer vi att spela första lördagen varje månad kl 16.

I januari 2016 spelade vi konserter i Chennai, Pune och Mumbai med några av de yppersta syd- och nordindiska musikanterna idag. I oktober 2016 var indierna här i Sverige för en skandinavisk turné tillsammans med oss i BECHES INDIAN BREW och vi gjorde då en skiva med live-upptagningar från turnén

Beches Brew: Bengt Berger, trummor; Lise-Lotte Norelius, slagverk/elektronik; Stefan Bellnäs, beyzz; Göran Klinghagen and Max Schultz, gittarrer; Sir Thomas Jäderlund, saxofoner, basklarinett, Livet Nord, fiol; Jonas Knutsson och Thomas Gustafsson, saxofoner; Staffan Svensson, trumpet.
Sydindiska mästermusikanter: Akkarai Sisters, dvs Akkarai Sornalatha och Akkarai Subbulakshmi, fiol/sång; Shree Sundarkumar, khanjira; Jayachandra Rao, mridangam.
Västafrikansk Mastertrumslagare: Doe Kushiator, Ghana, slagverk
Ljud: Sigge Krantz

En sida med presentationer av alla på

Stefan Bellnäs: beyzz
Bengt Berger: trummor, tablas, percussion
Thomas Gustafsson: saxar
Sir Thomas Jäderlund: saxar, basklarinett, röst
Göran Klinghagen: gitarrer
Jonas Knutsson: saxar
Livet Nord: fiol, röst
Lise-lotte Norelius, slagverk, elektronik
Max Schultz: gitarr, banjo, bas, röst
Staffan Svensson, trumpet
Mats Öberg:keyboards, munspel, röst

Viktor Reuter/Peter Janson: bas
Bengt Berger: trummor
Thomas Gustafsson: saxar
Sir Thomas Jäderlund: saxar
Göran Klinghagen: gitarr

Stefan Bellnäs: bas, pedal steel guitar
Bengt Berger: trummor, tablas, percussion
Göran Klinghagen: gitarrer

Bengt Berger: trummor
Thomas Gustafsson: saxar
Sigge Krantz: ljud
Lindha Kallerdahl: röst
Jonas Knutsson: saxar
Max Schultz: gitarr, banjo, bas, röst
Mats Öberg: keyboards, munspel, röst