”Soul and roots reggae are two styles of music coming from one and the same feeling. They originate from the inner depth of our being, the very core of the human soul. A thundering roots reggae base line or the wailing of a soul singer might not appear to be the same thing, but they are, only in a different shape. Rebellious rhythms of social change manifested in sharp rimshots flying through the air tell us a tale of what is to come; the beating red heart of roots reggae and soul music makes you dance for the inevitable change that soon is to see the light of day.”

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Group members

Annelie Johansson: drums
David Frid Alerås: keyboards & vocals
Johan Karlberg: bass guitar
Magnus Hagström: vocals & guitars
Maja Fredriksson: trombone & vocals
Moa Jonsson Länne: vocals & keyboards
Oskar Falk: guitars & vocals