Cabaret Oriental

Improvising musicians from east and west. Oriental rhythms combined with backbeat.

In the group Cabaret Oriental improvizing musicians of eastern and western cultural background come together. The timbre and the the melody loops with micro intervals of old oriental instruments meets and confronts digital technology, and improvisation music (jazz & folk) of the western world; ancient rhythms converse with backbeat and western harmonic structure.

The vocalists sing in the Swedish, Greek, Kurdish, Norwegian, Arabic and Turkish languages.

The material consists of "swinging" music, both traditional songs and original composititions in the group's own arrangements.

The group started in 1996 and has released 3 CDs:
Cabaret Oriental, (4 tracks), 1997. (CAB 001)
Saffran, 2000. (CAB 002)
Moon Light Hotel, 2004 (CAB 004)

Group members

Robert Fölsch: arabisk luta, tzouras
Kostas Deledisis: klarinett, sång
Mikael Krönlein: bas
Stefan Sandberg: saxofon, neyflöjter
Maria Stellas: sång, slagverk
Dyar Jalal: tabla, sång
Marianne Holmboe: sång, slagverk