Celtic Connections

The musical heritage of the Celtic tradition is managed and renewed with style and emotion.

Celtic Connections was a folk/world music group based in Gothenburg, Sweden, which was active between the years 1990 and 1995. Their repertoire was rooted in folk music from the Celtic nations – Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Galicia – which they combined with many other styles and traditions including flamenco, jazz, African rhythms and Scandinavian folk music.

Under the leadership of the charismatic and visionary Irish vocalist and bodhrán player Jonathan McCullough (1961-1999), Celtic Connections came to enjoy great success. Among other achievements, the group performed at several of Scandinavia's leading music festivals at the time and also toured in Ireland two years in a row.

In 1995, Celtic Connections recorded a full length album entitled Spindrift. Shortly thereafter the group was dissolved due to time constraints, and the album project was shelved. Now, after more than twenty years, Spindrift has finally been released – this was celebrated with a highly successful concert in Gothenburg Cathedral on October 6 2018 which drew an audience of more than 250 people. This also marked the reunion of Celtic Connections!

Since the renunion, Celtic Connections have had many successful concerts throughout Sweden. Spindrift has been played on radio stations in both Sweden and North America, and has received enthusiastic reviews.