De Vandrande Kvinterna

Sextet performing medieval songs from both the east & west, wearing period costumes.

De Vandrande Kvinterna was established in Göteborg, Sweden. The group consists of six singers and musicians united by their interest in the colourful and fascinating music of the Middle Ages. The repertoire ranges from the art of the troubadours and trouvères to the Sephardic Romances and comprises secular as well as sacred music. The ensemble also performs music from the collections of songs known as Cantigas de Santa Maria, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, and Carmina Burana.

The ensemble has made several festival appearances and concert tours throughout Sweden, as well as in Denmark, Estonia, and France.

Current programs:
IN MONASTERIES AND CASTLES concert with sacred and secular music.
PILGRIMAGE - A MUSICAL JOURNEY THROUGH EUROPE scenic concert with costumes in collaboration with the chamber choir Mikaeli Sångare.

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Group members

Anna Dencker - Recorders, harp, percussion and song
Sven Jansson - Shawm, bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, darbukka, frame-drums and song
Mikael Johanson - Fiddle, nyckelharpa, rebec, percussion and song
Marie Lindström - Solo song, hurdy-gurdy, tambourine and small cymbals
Gunilla Mansfeld - Davul, tambourine and solo song
Mikael Paulsson - Oud, saz, lute, and solo song