Fri improviserad musik som rör sig över en högenergisk platå någonstans i frijazzens utmarker.

Dog Life takes free jazz to darker and harder places than it’s been in a while or two. It’s muscular and it rumbles, it growls. It’s drunk on its own power and pulling in at least three directions at once.

Dog Life is a trio consisting of Anna Högberg on saxophones, Mårten Magnefors on drums and Finn Loxbo on electric bass. The band explores free improvised music on a high-energetic plateau, where three equal voices melt into a polyrhythmically repetitive force that slowly transforms and erupts with bursts of raw grind. Their debut album was released on Omlott records in October 2014.

Group members

Anna Högberg: saxophones
Mårten Magnefors: drums
Finn Loxbo: electric bass