Elin-Louise Ahlberg

Duo with beautiful melodies, narrative lyrics and country style harmonising.

Elin-Louise Ahlberg and Gustav Bäcklin met at Nordiska visskolan where they discovers a mutual fascination for beautiful melodies, narrative lyrics and country style harmonising.

The pair soon started to write songs together inspired by traditional Swedish music and also American folksongs, blues, country and Appalachian mountain music.

Since their graduation from "Nordiska" in 2011, Elin-Louise and Gustav have been busy travelling all over Sweden billing themselves as Svanungar singing their songs in clubs, churches, hospitals, at charity events and festivals, pretty much everywhere you can imagine!

Apart from being an amazing singer, songwriter and guitarist, Elin-Louise is also a great accordion player and plays a mean harmonica!

Transfixed with the guitar at an early age, Gustav is by now an excellent guitarist and a skilled banjo and resonator guitar player. He's also member of indie pop outfit Indian spring and a "gun for hire" session musician.

Apart from their own songs, Svanungars repertoire consists of exciting interpretations of Swedish folksongs and visor. Their vision is to treat their audience with a show filled with both beautiful as well as humours songs and provide a good ol' time for both young and old.

Group members

Elin-Louise Ahlberg: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Gustav Bäcklin: vocals, guitar