Fartyg 6

Surprising and groovy Jazz with a wide range of expressions and influences.

Advanced metrical metrical melodies, collective improvisation and divine lyrics. When Fartyg 6 released their debut EP "Den första", it was clear that the group had something unique to contribute with to the jazz scene. Along with their full lenght album "Allt faller" they've developed an exciting sound like no other. Modifying influences and variation of expressions; they expand the definition of jazz.
Fartyg 6 is a sextet performing mesmerizing art jazz where grooves meet improvisation and chamber music. The group was formed 2014 and hav had success touring in Sweden and abroad. Their discography includes two CD's and vinyl released by PACAYA records (Den Första 2016 and Allt faller 2018), both nominated for the golden record of the year.

The group perform music that could be called jazz, contemporary or modern, with influences from a spectrum of sounds and styles, reaching from free improvisation to chamber music and pop. With mainly Swedish poetic lyrics as the foundation of the music with complex compositions and intimate interplay; they present a very special sound of jazz. All in a different kind of setting with double dark winds and ever changing vocals.


International booking: info@pacayarecords.com

Press kit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5chyenb53xmchsu/AAD9Tv0JXC0b6L2M7rLNYzYKa?dl=0

Matilda Andersson - vocals
Daniel Gahrton - barytone saxophone
Lisa Grotherus - bass clarinet
Milton Öhrström - piano
Boel Mogensen - upright bass
Julia Schabbauer - drums