Balkangroove and high energy folk-jazz.

All of the members of Flocken differs in their point of departure into the realm of sound and therefore they all bring their own world of ideas and concepts to the melting pot. The music is based on various folk music styles but only stays there long enough to lure the listener in to the deep forests where owl are howling and giraffes are looming about. Can you hear the camel lurking about? Did you see the starving fox?

FLOCKEN is all about staying true to your inner animal.

From way up north, Gothenburg in Sweden, Flocken is eager to spread their music to the south, west, east and even further north. The band has appeared at various venues such as jazz clubs and folk music festivals, a prison in Denmark and an occupied house in Hamburg, churches, schools and on the streets. Therefore, Flocken is here ready to make music wherever the world wants them to play.

Group members

Ida Gillner: soprano saxophone
Fredrik Brändström: piano, accordeon
Donovan von Martens: double bass
Anna Lund: drums