Colourful and roguish nordic folk fusion.

[Nordic Folk Fusion]

Groupa plays its own brand of modern Swedish folk music. Since 1980, the group has been in the vanguard of the Nordic roots music scene: deeply rooted in tradition, yet always embracing modern instrumentation and improvisation. In the music of Groupa, you find a composed picture of the traditions of yesterday, the whims of today, and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Responsive and confident while still impulsive and innovative, their music emanates from the band's three personalities' innermost passions. Groupa draw much of their musical inspiration from 'hallingar' (a specialty of the Nordic folk song form that could be called a celebratory holler) as well as waltzes and polskas, both traditional and newly-composed. All these elements contribute to the rhythmic drive that gives their music its own tone and colour.

Mats Edén: fiddles, accordion
Jonas Simonson: flutes, bass saxophone
Terje Isungset: percussion