Hannah Tolf

Esoteric, expressive and beautiful songs.

Hannah Tolf is working as a composer, singer and vocal improviser based in Gothenburg in Sweden.
With voice and effects she works in several artistic fields and is active in several projects and constellations with which she plays at venues around the world.
Hannah's main project is composing and playing with her band, consisting Jonathan Albrektson on piano, Donovan von Martens on bass and Emil Blommé on drums (who's temporarely replacing Anna Lund)

Hannah's music is often a mixture of composed and improvised music. A song can contain several different experiences and stories where the meeting between these can bring new angles and freer interpretation.


Group members

Hannah Tolf: röst
Jonathan Albrektson: piano/synthesizer
Emil Blommé: trummor
Donovan von Martens: kontrabas & elbas