Three of Sweden's top folk singers meet in the traditional music of Sweden

Light and elegant songs in personal arrangements that bring out improvisation and individual expression. With great passion they tell stories from the mountains and the deep valleys. Ancient songs bloom and are stained by human meetings through time.

The vocal group Irmelin has been singing together since 1999. In 2006 they released their debut album “Kärligheten” – love songs and in 2008 they released their second album “Gyldene Freden” – the golden piece. In 2013 they released their third album "North Sea Stories" with selected songs from the North Sea area. All threee albums have been well received by critics and audience.
The group has given concerts on some of the biggest stages in Sweden and in March 2006 they went on their first international tour to Japan.
In October 2008 Irmelin toured in Taiwan and they also won the second prize in the ”Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Competition”, the international jury called Irmelins way of singing "the spirit of a capella singing".

IRMELIN has performed live several times on Swedish television and radio and they often performs in spectacular contexts, especially with their unique polyphonic “kulning” – herding calls. They have also recorded soundtracks for the Swedish University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre and worked as theatre musicians.
IRMELIN members are also experienced teachers and give workshops in folk singing, kulning and diddling/mouth music.


Group members

Eva Rune
Karin Ericsson Back
Maria Misgeld

Musik på biblioteket 2021
Med passion, innerlighet och tätt samstämda röster framför Irmelin sina sånger där en mångfald av känslouttryck och improvisation ger liv till såväl traditionell folkmusik som nykomponerad. De tre rösterna sträcker sig från den vassaste kulningston till den sprödaste fras. Med rötter i den nordiska folkmusiktraditionen har trion genom åren nyfiket och experimentellt utvecklat ett alldeles eget sound.