Jenny Willén

Distinctive singer and composer with new verses on her mind.

Jenny Willén is a singer and a composer from Gothenburg, Sweden. She has got fine reviews for her penetrating way of making lyrics, then combining them with music, and for the way she captures the audience at concerts.
Jenny Willén Kvartett became a ten year old project (1994-2005), with lyrics in Swedish and a traditional Scandinavian way of singing, also with influences of jazz and blues. The quartet made two records, produced by Pär Edwardson (Zebra Art Records/Naxos) Påtår (=Another cup of coffee) (2001) and Nu börjar det roliga (=Now the fun begins) (2004)

time moves quickly, my heart beats: slow is her current project where she works with new pop songs. The band is string quartet Dendrokvartetten (Max Wulfson; violin, Ingrid Kytöharju; violin, Jill Johansson; viola, My Hellgren; cello) – All fine musicians also playing in the Opera houses in Gothenburg and Malmö, as well as with in Sweden famous artists such as Robert Wells. In spite of that, the band would not be complete without Gustaf Karlöf; piano and choir, Mats Eriksson; guitar, and Thommy Larsson; drums. – Three jazz- and popmusicians at a high level of musicality and individuality.
The premiere gig in june 2007 was much appreciated by the audience. Music, lyrics, vocals and arrangements by Jenny Willén.