Joona Toivanen

Enchanting sounds with prepared solo piano and live looping.

Joona Toivanen (born 1981) is a Finnish jazz pianist, currently resided in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He has in a short time become one of the most talented jazz pianists in Finland. Toivanen’s own trio has toured frequently in Finland and abroad, for example in Europe, Asia and Australia, and besides his trio, Toivanen has worked with many top jazz musicians in Europe. Toivanen’s pianism is lyric and delicate and his technique serves the story in the music all the time.

His current musical projects as a bandleader/co bandleader include the Blue Note and Cam Jazz recording Joona Toivanen Trio and the Nordic quartet Jazz & Fly Fishing. Joona is also a member of the highly acclaimed Anders Hagberg Quartet from Sweden.

Joona’s latest project Polarities is his debut solo piano effort.

Discography as a band leader, pianist and composer:
2014 Joona Toivanen trio: T.B.A. (CAM Jazz)
2013 Joona Toivanen: Polarities (Footprint Records) (solo piano)
2012 Jazz & Fly Fishing: One Second Of Magic (double-DVD)
2011 Jazz & Fly Fishing: Slow Walking Water (Bolage)
2010 Joona Toivanen trio: At My Side (CAM Jazz)
2006 Joona Toivanen Trio: Frost (EMI Blue Note)
2002 Joona Toivanen Trio: Lumous (Independent)
2000 Joona Toivanen Trio: Numurkah (Independent, released i Japan 2002 by Sawano Shokai and in Korea 2006 by Sail Music)

Selected discography as a pianist:
2013 Joakim Berghäll: Dialogues I (Boulder Music)
2011 Anders Hagberg Quartet: Stories of Now (Footprint Records)
2005 My Engström-Renman: Abdominous (Footprint Records)

Group members

Joona Toivanen: piano