Keltiska Duon

Music from the rich Celtic folk tradition of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Fiery jigs, reels as well as melancholic songs and melodies.

Early music from Ireland and Scotland – particularly from the 17th century and onwards, and performed in a ”folkified” style – also has a natural part in the group's repertoire. In addition to purely traditional folk music, Keltiska Duon (aka the Celtic Duo) also performs music by composers such as Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), whose music is usually categorized as folk music by posterity but which was in fact influenced by the Classical music of the era as well as earlier Celtic music traditions. Keltiska Duon's arrangements are playful and imaginative with a big emphasis on improvisation, but always with great respect for the roots and origins of the music.

The members Emil Pernblad and Jonas Liljeström have been active on the Gothenburg music scene since the early 1990's, and with Keltiska Duon they return to the music that first brought them together.