Kjell Jansson Quartet

Musicianship and compositions of the highest level by an highly acclaimed group.

Kjell Jansson has, for many years, provided jazz groups, particularly in the Gothenburg area, with swinging, steady and imaginative bass playing. He has played with, among others, Mount Everest, Opposite Corner and Åke Johansson Trio.

Other members of the quartet are legendary tenor saxophonist Gilbert Holmström, who has led several of his own bands, Tommy Kotter, who is one of the most in-demand pianists in Gothenburg, and the newest member who is also from the Swedish west coast, the much-respected drummer Göran Kroon. On some occasions one of Sweden’s foremost singers Annika Skoglund joins the quartet and has also recorded with them (see below).

Kjell Jansson Quartet, formed in 1997, has produced six CDs with original material (see below). In 2001 Kjell was awarded Swedish Jazz Radio’s prize “Jazzkatten”, as an artist who deserves greater attention”.

With this driving quartet the musicianship is of the highest level and the compositions
are just right; in fact, despite all the tunes being originals, you could almost swear
that you’d heard them before, so natural is their construction. They are
the work of the leader, the excellent bass player Kjell Jansson.”
Al Merritt, Jazz Journal (G.B.)

Band members:
Kjell Jansson, double bass
Gilbert Holmström, tenor sax
Tommy Kotter, piano
Göran Kroon, drums

Back From Where We Came (1998)
A True Swede (2000)
Zonk (2002)
Endless (with Annika Skoglund) (2004)
Kjell Jansson Quartet meets the Hvitfeldskas Chamber Choir (2006)
Crossover (with Annika Skoglund plus strings and woodwind) (2007)

Group members

Kjell Jansson: double bass
Gilbert Holmström: tenor saxophone
Tommy Kotter: piano
Göran Kroon: drums