Klabbes bank

Jazz that dares to linger in frontiers of sound and atmosphere, without losing its improvisational edge

For ten years now, pianist and composer Klas-Henrik Hörngren has been the driving force behind Klabbes Bank, gifting us with four albums and countless live performances. His musical roots embrace modern classical, pop, rockabilly, synth, and jazz. A vibrant, eclectic mix with loads of future potential.
Protect the Forest is an adventure, moving forward in surprising directions. Electronics mingle with organics, transporting listeners through an audio landscape of metal and woods and even a brush with the concrete jungle. The six musicians lend their special voices to create a unique finish for Klabbes Bank’s compositions, and this new release confirms their one-of-a-kind status: Music for any venue, be it at home, out clubbing, or on the festival circuit.

Group members

Thomas Backman: alto sax, clarinet, flute
Pontus Hedström: alto sax, percussion
Kristoffer Alehed: trombone
Klas-Henrik Hörngren: synthesizers
Jacob Öhrvall: bass, synthesizer
Martin Öhman: drums, electronics