Krackel Kapell

... a special and heartfelt folk music from an open window somewhere in Dalecarlia.

Krackel Kapell seeks out the magical melancholy in Swedish folk music as well as the ethereal elements of light and hope. They play their own playful arrangements of traditional tunes, as well as compose music inspired by their own deep roots in the folk music tradition of Dalecarlia. Krackel Kapell consists of Johanna Dahl: cello and vocals, Maria Hultgren: fiddle and Mikael Sjögren: fiddle and viola. All members live in Stockholm but originate from the province of Dalecarlia.
The members are long-time friends with a common past jamming at traditional folk music festivals but started playing together and established Krackel Kapell in 2010. The name, which refers to the crack formation in ceramic glaze or oil paintings and to its intentional decorative use, reflects the band’s love of ornamentation as well as the inherent ruggedness of Swedish folk music.

Group members

Mikael Sjögren: viola, violin
Johanna Dahl: cello, vocals
Maria Hultgren: violin