Traditional Roma/Gypsy songs from Russia and Eastern Europe, melancholic melodies and fiery intensity.

Krilja is a trio based in Gothenburg, Sweden, who plays traditional Roma/Gypsy songs from Russia and Eastern Europe. The music is of uncertain date but in many cases from the 19th century and onwards and shifts between lyrical melancholy and fiery intensity. The lyrics of the songs are in Romanes and Russian, and tells of sorrow, pain, poverty and suffering, but also love and passion.

The arrangements have been improvised by the musicians, often influenced by styles such as flamenco, but they remain true to the traditional idiom.

The name ”Krilja” means ”wings” in some dialects of Romanes as well as in Russian.

Krilja was founded in the autumn of 2010. Marita Johansson (vocals) and Jonas Liljeström (fiddle) were the original members, and the flamenco guitarist Emil Pernblad joined the group shortly thereafter. Since then, the group has performed in various venues all over Sweden - from cafés and culture centers to arts museums, churches and folk music festivals. Krilja has also toured abroad; in Scotland in the spring of 2013 and in Iceland in the summer of 2017.

Krilja's eponymous debut album was released to great critical acclaim in 2015.

Marita johansson: vocals
Emil Pernblad: guitar
Jonas Liljeström: violin