Lamine Cissokho

Impressive and expressive voice and Kora playing, inspired by the enormous wealth of musical traditions of Senegal

Lamine Cissokho was born in Casamance, this multi-ethnic region of southern Senegal known for the rich diversity of cultures and musical traditions. Descending from a family of “griots” whose traditions date back to the 14th century, he began to play the kora with his father, master of the instrument his and was inspired by his great-uncle, the big Lalo Keba Drame.
A world bathed in music, a rigorous work with his father was Lamine’s childhood and youth.
“The music in his blood,” more than an image for the griot, is a sacred bond that cannot be broken, a mission that brought Lamine to Sweden.

“In the world, music is universal, it Has No Boundaries"
This is what Lamine tell us in the lyrics de son new album “Pakao” .He sings of the life and culture of the people as well as Griot the experience of an African in Europe. Lamine’s music is inspired by The Enormous wealth of musical traditions of Senegal. He sings in Mandinka Mainly With His impressive and expressive voice, holds captive audiences. He is on the right way to Become a famous kora player with His Own Style.

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Lamine Cissokho: kora, sång

Lamine framträder som soloartist, i duo (Emil Skogh -kontrabass) eller trio (Tobias Grim -gitarr, Adam Grauman -kontrabass)