Anna Heikkinen & Längtans Kapell

Anna Heikkinen & Längtans Kapell interpret the Finnish tango, waltzes and polkas in a search for history and roots, a search for a Swedish-Finn identity and a lost language.

With Finnish and Swedish lyrics, an accordion, a saxophone and a cello, we seek our own Satumaa, our own Fairytale Land and weave a fabric of melodies and words from our yearning.

we search
we seek
we yearn
to where the grandmother tongue dances on a sandy beach and voices dive in the blue depths
to where the grandfather’s trees are in bloom and melodies play catch, between apples and boughs
Satumaa is what we yearn for
what we long for
what we are homesick for

Anna Heikkinen: vocals
Larisa Ljungkrona: accordion, vocals
Ida Gillner: soprano saxophone, vocals
Leonor Palazzo: cello, vocals