Magdalena Strandell Band

Colorful, warm, melodic jazz in Swedish!

Magdalena Strandell Band plays modern jazz with poetic lyrics about everyday Swedish life. The music can be described as atmospheric and colorful as well as melodic, acoustic and adventurous. There are also elements of Nordic melancholy with a hint of Swedish folk music.

The Gothenburg based band is named after Magdalena, who is the singer, the songwriter and the arranger of the band. She makes the jazz accessible through her poetic lyrics, describing everyday life together with delicate melodies. The band released their debut album ”Snow in april” on the label Imogena Records on the 17th of April 2013. The music on the record describes the transitions between winter and spring, the city, love and everyday life. ”A steady stream of good, new, young jazz...” - Märet Öman (Swedish Radio, ”Jazzlandet”).

The band has played as a quartet for several years and expanded to a sextet in 2011. The members have meanwhile made themselves known in a number of bands and projects. The music is here and now, with improvisation as the main thread. The band gives concerts for audiences of all ages.

This sextet is flexible and can be converted to a duo, trio, quartet or a quintet, if desired.

Group members

Magdalena Strandell: vocals
Anna Cochrane: violin
Frida Thurfjell: soprano-& tenorsaxophone
Jenny Kristoffersson: doublebass
Simon Westman: piano & rhodes
Fredrik Hamrå: drums