Marco Rios

Interactive programs for children and families.

Marco Rios - "the Swede from Peru" – is an artist and songwriter from Latin America. Since the mid 70’s he has been introducing Latin American music to Sweden and the Scandinavian countries, but he has also presented Swedish music to the Spanish-speaking parts of the world.

Marco Rios is mainly known for his TV show for children ”Hej amigo”, and for his collaboration with singer/songwriter Björn Afzelius. Marco gives rhythmic performances and workshops for both kids and grownups, and he has recorded several CD’s.

A programme for kids and families, where the audience participates actively in songs and movements to samba, cha-cha, reggae, hip-hop etc. Some of the songs are well-known from children’s shows on TV and radio.

”Hej amigo!” means ”Hello, my friend!” A friendly greeting in Swedish/Spanish that serves as a recurring theme in various songs and rhythms, dances and movements. The programme is based on the audience participating, and it offers a great opportunity to get acquainted with merry tropical rhythms in a playful and fun way. The main language of the show is Swedish, but the odd word in Spanish and other languages can also be heard. This blend of languages and rhythms makes ”Hej amigo!” both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. Hola! Ciao! Hello!
From 4 years.

Group members

Marco Rios: vocals, guitar