Marianne Holmboe och Emil Pernblad

With poetic fervor and a virtuosic performance, Marianne Holmboe & Emil Pernblad infuse the heat of southern Spain with a light breeze of Nordic air.

Marianne and Emil first performed together in the show Al-Andalus, where Marianne sang solely arabic music, a style she had been perfecting over the years. This performance woke Mariannes curiosity for the the unique way of singing from southern Spain, el cante flamenco. Numerous field trips to Andalucía followed, and the duo have subsequently been interpreting traditional flamenco for several years.
Now these two prominent flamenco musicians present the groundbreaking album ”De Noche”. The lyrics of half of the songs originate from Emil's pen, and interestingly, the remaining half consists of poems written by Emil's grandmother Birgitta Örnstedt, who was also an internationally respected visual artist. Emils newly written music along with the poetry and a selection of Örnsteds paintings form a poetic and artistic entity. In addition to the duo's closely-knit vocals and guitar playing, several guest musicians are heard on the album, as well as the virtuoso rhythms of flamenco dancer Ann Sehlstedt 'La Pantera' s footwork.

Group members

Marianne Holmboe: sång
Emil Pernblad: gitarr