Mikael Godée-Eve Beuvens Quartet

Dynamic and innovative compositions.

Mikael Godée is a well-known Swedish jazz musician appearing in bands like
Änglaspel and Corpo. In the musical meeting with Belgian pianist Eve
Beuvens, something very special and beautiful occurs. Beuvens belongs to Belgium's most interesting jazz musicians with her intelligent and contemporary way of playing. Along with the charismatic and sensitive musicians Johan Birgenius (drums) and Magnus Bergström (bass), a solid musical foundation is formed.


"Attending a concert by the Mikael Godée and Eve Beuvens Quartet, is like entering a top kitchen in which each dish is prepared with care and precision. Each element is tasted carefully and the ingredients are combined to a wonderful aroma"

- Translation based on article in Nerikes Allehanda

"One of the finest European jazz experiences of the moment: the combination of Belgian pianist Eve Beuvens and the Swedish saxophonist Mikael Godée. Two master chefs at work!"

- Leuven Jazz Festival