Lyrical, soft music with the roots deep in the Brasilian tradition.

"You will find something special to enjoy, discover and identify with no matter where you look on this recording. The eloquence of the music speaks to the heart. The voicings interpolated into the music by guitarist, bassist and drummer are expertly balanced. Each musician “sings” with wonderful abandon and the musicianship of all three of the instrumentalists is absolutely scintillating. Add to that the utter brilliance of Ms. Vucidolac whenever she sings and you have a compelling reason to listen to Brazilian Lines over and over again for the performances of all of the musicians get under your skin the moment you hear the first chart on the album. All of this adds up to great expectations from what might come next from this wonderful group of musicians."

Worldmusic report - Raul da Gama

Group members

Tobias Grim: guitar
Finn Björnulfsson: percussion
Karolina Vucidolac: vocals