New Tide Orquesta

Original music of 'nuevo tango'. Daring, provocative and absolutely beautiful.

With angels on the roof and devils in their tracks, NTO takes off from Gothenburg in a blue tram full of New Tango accompanied by Piazzolla, Miles, Bach and Deep Purple. Daring, provocative and absolutely beautiful.

The unique sextet New Tide Orquesta play their own compositions which can be described as energetic music, generating magic and passion lingering between chaos and calm. They develop the new tango mixing fugues, improvisations, rock riffs, three-part harmonies, bass-lines and aggressive jazz.
NTO was founded 1995 and have released two critically acclaimed albums, toured in Argentina, Uruguay, Russia, Germany and their native Sweden. In 2004 NTO will release a third album. Read more at:

"The complex songs bristle with pent-up emotion, flirt with discord, and tie themselves in orchestrated knots as tight as J. S. Bach´s noose."
Bob Tarte, The Beat - Los Angeles, USA

Group members

Per Störby: bandoneon
Livet Nord: violin
Thomas Gustavsson: piano
Josef Kallerdahl: double bass
Peter Grahn: electric guitar
Johanna Dahl: cello