Patrick Rydman/Anders Persson Duo

Standards and evergreens performed with warmth, elegance and presence by a well-qualified duo

"We started playing together with a common interest in mind: the legendary duo recordings of Bill Evans and Tony Bennett. We’ve gone through the major part of The Great American Songbook, and without copying the great masters we still want to perform the classic jazz standards in a similar way; with warmth, elegance and total presence. Our repertoire is varied and flexible and can also consist of our own original compositions. We are the ultimate musical complement to events and conferences, but we can also offer a regular concert program in the setting of your choice.”

Patrick Rydman is a merited vocalist, who’s been seen and heard in concert halls and theatres across Sweden. He is a member of Amanda Vocal Ensemble, noted for their collaborations with performers like the late Povel Ramel. Patrick also has his own band, Moon Men, also to be found in MCV:s roster of artists.
Anders Persson is one of Sweden’s leading jazz pianists and has played with Stina Nordenstam, Marie Bergman, Toots Thielemans and Victoria Tolstoy, to name a few."

Group members

Patrick Rydman: sång
Anders Persson: piano