Schola Gothia

Vocal ensemble specialising in Gregorian music.

Schola Gothia is a professional women's vocal quartet. Their repertoire includes Gregorian chant and early polyphonic music from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. They study and perform all of their music from historical notation. In accordance with medieval practice, the group shares one large music stand, which is a great help since the unison music makes great demands on vocal cooperation and tuning. It also makes it easier to achieve uniform phrasing within the group in polyphonic music, with its often harsh dissonances and open intervals.

Since the group was formed in 1999, they have performed in many concerts in Sweden. The ensemble has toured throughout Europe, and in Japan and Guatemala. Schola Gothia has also cooperated with several prominent musicians and ensembles.

The group has recorded four CDs:
"Rubens rosa" (Rosarium)
"Gaude Birgitta" (Proprius) for which the group received a Grammy nomination in 2003
"Gaudete in Domino" (Gothic)
”The Divine Mystery” (Musica Rediviva, 2011)

Group members

Kristina Lundh: sång
Yvonne Carlsson: sång
Helene Stensgård Larsson: sång
Ulrike Heider: sång