Sea Cats

A mezzo-soprano and pianist with great feeling and a brilliant technique!

Apart from ordinary concerts, festivities and weddings, the wide repertoire of the duo enables a custom-made multicultural programme to be offered, where contemporary compositions, improvisation, poetry and inspiration from other laguages and cultures are combined.

Åsa Olsson has lived in the Netherlands since 1990 and has worked as a freelance singer within classical music since 1995. Her wide vocal range and broad repertoire, which includes soprano-, mezzo-soprano and contra-alto parts within genres ranging all the way from Gregorian music via Baroque and Romantic periods to John Cage, has made her a popular soloist in her homeland as well as abroad.

Pia Valdemarsdotter is a pianist/piano teacher and a member of different ensembles including; Pianistic Dimensions; a trio consisting of three pianists with Beata Zukrowska and Staffan Biörklund-Jullander, duos with double base player Tomas Gertonsson, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm, the cellist Agneta Fredljung, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, solo flutist Ann Elkjär Hanssen, The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. She has also accompanied the opera singer Loa Falkman.

Group members

Pia Valdemarsdotter: piano
Åsa Olsson: vocals