Simone Moreno & Os Lourinhos

Smooth samba and heavy afro rhythms

Brazilian singer Simone Moreno is radiant stage performer, and has been on a more or less constant tour to festivals, concert houses and club venues with her acclaimed band Os Lourinhos, throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The magnetic lady from Salvador, Bahia is back, singing samba in swedish!
Simone Moreno came to Sweden in 2001 from Salvador, after four albums in Brazil, where she is a well known singer (having worked with producers like Rildo Hora and Roberto Menescal): in Rio where she sung the samba and in Bahia, where she was a famed afro pop queen in the beginning of her career. Her first album in Europe, “Samba Makossa”, was warmly received by critics as well as audience, and she had a big hit with “Vem pra Bahia (Vi drar till Malmö)”.

The latest album Planetas is an exciting and unique mix of samba, afro pop, reggae, soul and even nordic influences. It has received rave reviews in media, and won the prestigious Manifest Music Prize. She has also performed in the Swedish Melodie Grand Prix and at the Polar Music Prize, celebrating winners Paul Simon and Gilberto Gil.

Simones new EP På svenska ("In swedish") was released in November 2017 in Scandinavia. An album where Simone delivers strong versions of her favourite songs from her new home country Sweden: in swedish, but with the unmistakable rhythms and colours of Brazil. Swedish folk music and pop meets samba, forró and afro groove.

"Your version makes me dance! Thanks for refreshing my old hit!" Peps Persson, after hearing Simone's take on his song Hyreskasern

"Sunny samba and swirly reggae, electronic swing and toppy pop. All is mixed in Simones swedish/brazilian world in her own natural and unique style". TT-Spektra, swedish news desk.

"Simone follows the tradition along the line where Elza Soares, Clara Nunes and Beth Carvalho have wandered" Sergio Cabral, famous journalist and big authority of samba music in Brasil

Simone Moreno – 1994 (WEA Brasil)
Morena – 1996 (WEA Brasil)
Manda me chamar – 1998 (WEA Brasil)
Desde que o samba e samba – 2000 (Albatroz, Brasil)
Samba Makossa – 2006 (Soul Dog Records)
Planetas – 2011 (Soul Dog Records)
På svenska - 2017 (Soul Dog Records)


Group members

Simone Moreno: sång, slagverk
Anders von Hofsten: piano, sång
Olle Linder: bas, slagverk
Per Ekdahl: trummor
Jerker Eklund: gitarr
Valter Kinbom: slagverk

Simone Moreno & Anders von Hofsten - "Samba på svenska"
Sveriges sambadrottning sjunger svenska klassiker från Cornelis via Peps till Bo Kaspers, med brasilianska rytmer och sin helt egna stil. En konsert med tårar, glädje och sväng. EP:n "På svenska" släpptes i höstas och har fått fint mottagande.
Simone Moreno: sång, slagverk
Anders von Hofsten: piano, sång
Olle Linder: 8-strängad gitarr, slagverk