Sláinte: Irish, Scottish and American groovy folk-rock and original songs

Sláinte's musical line-up is traditional: guitar, fiddle and vocals. Depending on the venue, other instruments and musicians can be included - from mandolin, banjo, keyboards to bass, drums and percussion - to form a big band.

The core of the band is the two founding members, Billy Jones (guitar, vocals) and Jonas Liljeström (fiddle) who together have played over 1,000 gigs, touring around and across Scandinavia in various line-ups; duo, trio, quartet etc. Their venues have included clubs, pubs, weddings, private parties and concert stages. In the summers of 2013 and 2017 they gave a series of highly successful concerts at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Festival.

Billy Jones
This singer-songwriter has worked as a musician since the 1960s, in homeland Scotland and on stages all over Britain, Ireland, Europe and the USA. Originally known for his wild, idiosyncratic interpretation of other people's songs and traditonal material, he has consistently developed his own songwriting, live onstage and on a dozen vinyl and cd recordings.

Jonas Liljeström
Besides working with Billy these last 23 years in the Irish-Scots-American folk-rock style, Jonas is a well known interpreter of and has recorded a lot of Gypsy and Balkan music - also klezmer. He is currently working with five other musical projects, in the groups Salamander, Krilja, Keltiska Duon, Celtic Connections and Sonika.