Skilled orchestra with a wide range of swinging and catchy songs.

STELLA (and the larger line up STELLA XL) is a vibrant, groovy, and professional band that plays soul, jazz, and pop music, for dancing as well as show. Stella´s repertoire represents a wide range of artists such as Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, Peggy Lee, Andrew Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, Doobie Brothers and many others.

STELLA has played hundreds of gigs over the years in Sweden and abroad and is well suited to please an audience of different generations and tastes.

For those interested in Swedish music, the band can offer a concert with music by one of Sweden´s most beloved composers, Evert Taube.

You can listen to Stella on this homepage and also visit
to savour Stella's original compositions.

Group members

Mia Samuelsson: trumpet
Raymond Karlsson: drums
Elisabeth Engdahl: saxophone
Lisa Eriksson: keyboard
Niss Kerstin Hallgren: bass
Karin Klingenstierna: lead vocals
Lars LIM Moberg: guitar (in STELLA XL)