Susanne Lind & Marco Rios

Singing games from around the world. A show filled with music, song and dance.

Lisa has pen pals from all over the world. Her grandfather prefers to stay at home and tidy up, but not even he can resist the games from Latin America, Taiwan, Nigeria, Turkey, Denmark…

Susanne Lind and Marco Rios stage a singing games production with lots of music, playing, dancing and singing. The songs are taken from a compilation of international singing games. Most of the songs are performed in Swedish.

Susanne Lind, fiddle and vocals, is a musical instructor and a folk musician who has been working professionally as a musician since 1995. She has appeared on stage close to a thousand times in shows for children.

Marco Rios, guitar, vocals and percussion, has hosted shows for children on TV and radio. He has recorded five CD’s, three of them for kids, and published two collections of songs. (”Hej amigo!”, ”Sambalele”, ”Jag kan om jag vill!”, ”Värmlatino” and ”Afzelius sånger på spanska”.)

Group members

Susanne Lind: fiddle, vocals
Marco Rios: guitar, vocals, percussion