The Funky Flakes

Feta covers samt en del eget material du kommer önska att du hört tidigare. Gör dig redo att digga och dansa!

The newest and freshest funk band coming out of Gothenburg, The Funky Flakes consists of 9 talented members with a deep commitment to funky grooves.

The Funky Flakes play a variety of covers in their original arrangements or rearranged, as well as own material. Musically it’s mostly a question of solid funk, but you’ll also hear elements of rap, hip-hop, and disco – as long as it gets your hips moving.

The Funky Flakes is the brainchild of Becka, who is also the lead singer.

Group members

Rebecka Lindstedt: leadsång
Ylva Fahlström Myrman: bakgrundsång och slagverk
Annika Törnqvist: elbas
Hampus Andersson - keyboard/synth
Jakob Romá:- elgitarr
Malin Almgren: Trummor
Friden Tolke: Tenorsaxofon
Paulina Moberg: Trombon
Martina Norén: Trumpet