A concentrate of the groovy, happy jazz tradition.

The Tuba Trio – Happy jazz in a concentrated form

Are you looking for happy, swinging music for your party or other special occasion? Then you’ve found the right group: Tubatrion (The Tuba Trio)!

The Tuba Trio reduces music to its absolute basics: melody, harmonies and rhythm. Lars Elf on the sax and the clarinet plays the melodies with great energy and a beautiful sound; Dag Söderberg places powerful harmonies with his banjo and Bert Slättung rules the rhythm on his giant tuba, a so called sousaphone, when he’s not singing with feeling.

The menu consists of well known jazz tunes mixed with old hits and folk tunes. The trio is the ideal band for parties, openings, exhibitions and outings. It is easily placed and doesn’t even need electricity. Can even perform while walking!

Since a few years back the Tuba Trio also performs as a quartet (+ trumpet) and as a sextet (+ trombone and drums). To read about, and listen to, the tuba bands go to the website beneath.

Group members

Lars Elf: saxophones, clarinet
Bert Slättung: sousaphone (giant tuba), vocals
Dag Söderberg: banjo